9. Project: Wardrobe for a friend

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In 2020 a fried moved from Erlangen, Germany to Fürth, Germany. And because his wardrobe is over 30 years old, I offered him to make a custom one. So I bought at our lokal timber dealer (no, not OBI! :D) a beautiful spruce plank with wane.

It was important that the plank was with heart and spar wood as well with wane. Actually I wanted a plank with tree bark but this fall off mostly after cutting. But I still have a small apple tree wood plank with tree bark in my storage, so I don’t think it’s with every wood.

Anyhow I sanded the plank a bit and cuttet the ends so they are parallel to each other. After I coated the plank with transparent glaze. At the end I mounted 6 appropriate vintage styled clothes hooks. Unfortunately the quality wasn’t that good as expected. But that’s just the way it is when you want something specific that wasn’t made in Germany. Then you just have to take something from China. From my point of view, not everything fits every wood.

Here the final result:

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