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After some years my mother bought a very fancy Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL KWL90.034SI (German version) kitchen machine. She had a BOSCH Mum 4 before. For the Kenwood my mother had to buy a kit with cutting disks that was included of the BOSCH and there was also a wall holder for the tools and disk in the package. There is also a storage box for the tools and disks of the Kenwood available but this one would take a lot of space on the worktops and can’t be mount on the wall. So I decided to make a own out of wood.

I made it of spruce wood for the base plate and birch wood for the brackets. This time a made some photos of the interim stages.

As you can see I made on picture 1 7 grooves in 15cm distance to each other were the brackets are placed then in. At the beginning a made 2 brackets with tongue and groove but quit that after because this technique isn’t that workable for such a small size. Or I’m just to bad in this technique. 🙂 So I used the good old blunt bonding.

After I made the grooves into the base plate I milled the edges with my BOSCH Professional GKF 600 hand milling machine – look at picture 2.1 and 2.2. Unfortunately I got into a knothole and made a small ugly dent into the base plate. You can see it i.a. on picture 4.

Picture 3 presents the complete raw construction.

On picture 4 you can see the painted interim result in creme white. At the end my mother painted the front of the brackets in violet and decorated the top front with napkin decoupage. You can see it on picture 5.1 and picture 5.2 shows the final result.

Due to the amount of disks the work piece got 120cm high.

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