7. Project: Kitchen overhaul

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For a long time ago my mother wished a new look for her old ALNO kitchen, that she taken over of the previous tenant. The kitchen might be over circa 20 years old.

I never did this before, so I watched some videos of the German YouTuber DerMaler. This YouTuber was unknown to me till this time but I thought he’s a professional. All looked very easy on his videos and his kitchen doors also looked very clean and tidy. But in my case our kitchen doors are old and greasy. Additionally the greasy was soaked into the wood and made a overhaul difficult.

Here the pictures. Unfortunately I don’t own proper before and after photos because I got a bit later in mind I also could add it to my wooden projects.

First I leached all doors and all drawers and after it was dried I sanded it with my orbital sander and a 800 abrasive fabric. Supposedly, this is the appropriate grit to use when doing ” coatings” or certain sanding for painting. Unfortunately, neither the leaching nor the grinding did anything – at least not completely.

Since the kitchen already has a few years on the hump and was not always 100% accurately cleaned, have settled in some inner edges stubborn grease deposits that seem to have eaten well into the wood. Even by scraping and re-cleaning I could not remove everything and a re-sanding brought nothing.

The result was ugly paint cracks they was only visible in the final painting. After priming with universal primer of OBI were no cracks visible.

For my mother no problem but for me as an perfectionist a small disaster. 🙂 But it reminds a bit of an old English kitchen. I had the same problem with the small wall cupboard but the cracks are only visible if you look more closely.

The color is creme white and the violet a custom mixture. The grapes made my mother with napkin decoupage.

One more with about the wall cupboard: The door fittings and hinges were such a thing. The were brassy painted or coated with a fake patina. I hardly removed this painting with my Proxxon Multi Tool. To held the door tightly I used a snap lock made from brass. Before the door was held close with small springs in the hinges.

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