6. Project: Alps crib, modified

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My mother wished from me an alps crib to her birthday that I finally finished today (27th November 2020).

It was not really that difficult to made it but due to a so-so construction manual by selbst.de (German) it was sometimes frustrating. It started with a incomplete shopping list. To know what plywood I had to use I had to read the whole construction manual first. On the shopping list was only plywood in 5 and 10 cm thickness listed. No sizes and no type of plywood. It was only written to the construction manual. And it was also with the wood stain. There were some more offences but I don’t want to talk about it. I only can say that I did a complaint to selbst.de and also the Bauer Media Group but none of both gave a fuck about it. The main thing is that they have their money and that’s it.

But as you can see it got to a nice result after all. And I’m proud of it! 🙂

I modified the crib a bit. By construction manual you have to cover the base plate with PVA glue and add then brown quartz sand to it. When it’s dried you have to just put the house, the barn and the figures on the base plate and that’s it. But I don’t think they had only a bare house and barn back then. 🙂

To give the crib more character, I carved a slatted floor in size of the house in the base plate and stained it after. To keep the house and the barn on its place I drilled 8 cm holes in diameter on each corner, made suitable feet in 8 mm Ø and 5 mm height and glued them on the specific points to the bottom side of the house. Additionally I added an oven, 1 table lamp, 2 benches, 1 table, 3 clay pots, 1 butter tub, 1 spinning wheel and 1 shelf with dishes to the house. All decorations except the table, benches and the shelf are bought. Table, benches and shelf are made by myself.

I also set a fireplace into the base plate and routed the wire for the small light through a 5 mm deep groove to the back of the base plate. The groove is also cover with quarzt sand. The wire of the stable lamp are also in this groove. I also did it in the house with the wires for the oven an table lamp.

Lastly: The worst work was to make the 500 shingles. By construction manual you have to knock them out with the chisel out of a very long slat. But my spruce wood slat was wrongly cut by OBI so I had to make them with my BOSCH miter saw. That wasn’t so easy because I had to keep pressing the switch. The Bosch PCM 8 does not have a latching function – presumably for safety reasons. It certainly wouldn’t have been easy by hand either.

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