5. Project: Showcase for two 3Dfx Voodoo Graphic Accelerator Cards

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Today (14th October 2020) I finally finished my showcase for my two 3Dfx Voodoo Graphic Accelerator Cards. This time I fairly fixed my failings of the last showcase and did a better job – for my opinion. 🙂

But again another failing. The main frame slats are got a bit to short because I didn’t included the thickness of the saw blade in the measurement. That’s why two slats are got 33,8 cm, one 33,7 cm and the last 34 cm in length. So I had to rework the mounting plate and the slats for the lid frame, but the clearance is now better than of the the first showcase. And the glaze isn’t also that good again. But I first glued the lid frame together before glaze it, so the Plexiglas isn’t dirty of it! 🙂 The lid I had mount with dowels to the main frame now, but the dowels are only glued to the main frame so just in case I can open the show case.

Some infos about the Voodoo Cards: It’s a 3Dfx Voodoo 1 and 3Dfx Voodoo 2 card that both are functional. 3Dfx was in the latest 1990’s leading for 3D acceleration cards. They first started their business in Arcade Machines and also joined the PC market in 1996. But Voodoo 1 & 2 cards had no 2D capability so they were just add-on cards for main graphic adapters and were connected together via VGA cable. The 2D video signal was routed through the Voodoo card so the monitor has had connected to the Voodoo card now. Only then the follow-up Voodoo Banshee, Vodoo 3 and so on had the capability to also display 2D graphics. 3Dfx was bought up by Nvidia in December 2000.

And again I used my favorite spruce wood and cut the planks also by myself again. 🙂 I also grooved the mounting plate 1,7 cm in width and 1 cm in depth so the main frame can fit in. But this time I decided not to use a velvet and just mounted the cards with M4 screws on insert nuts. To give the cards a small gap to the wood I used some plastic spacers. The glaze is chest nut again and the mounting plate is fixed with SPAX wood screws.

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