4. Project: Showcase for two old Creative Sound Cards

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Every now and then I like to indulge in nostalgia and remember the good old days from my childhood. That’s why I got back two of my first awesome Sound Cards of the ex-life companion of my Mom that got it from me long in the past, to put them into a showcase to remember of the good old times.

To adapt the showcase to my needs I made it by myself. The most of modern furniture is made of chipboard and that’s what I wanted to avoid. But in the end the result was not that good. But I think for my first showcase not really that bad. 🙂

Some small side infos: The big sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster 16 and the small one a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Player 1024. The SB16 was my first sound card in my life that was used in the AMD 3×86 SX 20 of PRIVILEG (home brand of the German Quelle Corporation) – that was also my first own PC in the mid 1990’s. The SB Live! was the sound card of my first self-build PC at the end 1990’s. One of the best Sound Card at its time.

At it first glance it might be looking good but at second glance it’s very unaware. Some is crooked, the bevels got gabs, the screws of the hinges are visible through the wood and the Plexiglas is a bit dirty.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of glazing the pieces before glue them together first. That’s why I had to sand the bevel surfaces clean but after that the sizes had change. So I had adjust all other peaces of the main frame to the lid frame sizes. By the way I did the mounting plate and glazed it before I glued the main frame together.

Actually I wanted to made the showcase to can open the lid if required and installed two hinges. I also wanted to add a spring lock but due to the skewed dimensions a glued the lid with hot glue. So the hinges are just for decoration.

That was my first “big” project and I want to it better on my second showcase (5. Project).

About the Material: As always nice, bright and good to work spruce wood. But this time I cut all planks and the Plexiglas by myself with my BOSCH PKS 66 AF portable circular saw. The cut in width and the bevels I’ve done with my BOSCH PCM 8 miter saw. To border the Plexiglas I’ve done a 5 mm groove in width and height into the bars for the lid with my BOSCH POF 1400 ACE router. I also grooved the mounting plate for 1-1,2 cm in height around to get a “socket” in the middle.

To mount the sound cards on the mounting plate I used M4 screwed inserts. After I stretched over a orange velvet and shimmed it with fiberfill. To mask the ugly clamps my mother covered them with a roll made of the orange velvet and mount it with hot glue. The frame is mounted with generic screws to the mounting plate. The bevels are glued with Ponal glue. The glaze is chestnut.

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