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Since 2005 my PCs are standing on a stand to keep most of dust and cat hairs out of the case. The first PC stand was made by my Grandpa (paternal side). Unfortunately the PC stand of my Grandpa broke some day on a leg and got greasy.

This is the first photo with the new old PC stand:

As you can see the feet are hold by 3 screws. These 3 screws were to big and the middle screw split the wood in the middle in half. Sure I had glue it and overhaul it but this PC stand was to small for my ne Fractal Design Define R5 PC Case. So the time had come to make a new one.

And this is the result:

I also used spruce wood here because it’s nicely bright and good to work. I think I made the feet of birch wood but I can really remember because I writ this project site a long time after. Anyway it smells like Olives or Pickles if it’s getting to warm. 😉

On the feet I added some slides to protect the parquet floor from scratches. I had let cut the wood plank at OBI but cut the feet by myself with my BOSCH PCM 8. At the end I gave it a finish with transparent wood glaze.

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