14. Project: Fly screen

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Up to this point I used a simply fly screen of TESA that is mounted on a Velcro tape on the window frame. TESA also offers a fly screen made out of aluminium but anyone can buy. 😉 That’s why I made one by myself.

The frame is made of spruce wood slats. It was not easy to find the right fitting slats because I only had 2cm of space between the window frame and the roller blind guide. Additional the thickness of the Velcro and fleece tape.

At first I cut the slats to the measured sizes. Then I glued them together with water proof PVA glue. In lack of a big workbench I have done it on the floor with my Wolfcraft one-hand frame clamp. That’s why the bottom slat got a bit crooked. After 24h of drying I bumped with the top slat on a pipe and the left side got loose. So I decided to fix all sides with screws.

After I milled a 5x5mm groove into the frame were the fly web holding slats will fit in at the end (to see on picture 2). After milling and sanding I painted the frame and the holding slats with Biopin Weather protection paint. In the meantime I cut the fly web in shape.

At the end I added Velcor tape at the top, bottom and the right side of the frames. On the left side I added TESA Moll Tape to fill the gap between the fly screen and window frame.

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