12. Project: Puppet wardrobe for a friend

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A friend of my mother asked me if I could make a puppet wardrobe for her granddaughter. So I made one for her. 🙂

Here’s the final result. Unfortunately the quality of the photos isn’t that good. Maybe it was by the weak light.

As material I used poplar plywood in 9mm thickness. It was the wish of her that the wardrobe has to be as light as possible so a child can carry it with ease.

It’s been not prefect and has some blemishes. For example look at the gap between the doors that I had to fill with TESA Moll sealing tape. Maybe I measured and cut wrongly. Basically I wanted to place the hinges inside but in this case I would have to re-cut the already painted doors because they used to overlap. So I mounted them outside.

It was a bit tricky to find a proper door lock. Many magnetic latches are to big or to tight for children. At last I had found one on Amazone.

My mother made the napkin decoupage.

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