11. Project: Air cleaner for my workshop

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While working in with wood it accumulate many dust quickly. In high concentration it’s harmful for our lungs and some woods also can cause lung cancer. I always work with a breathing protection but the dust particles lasting long in air and covers all over time. To minimize this I made an air cleaner by myself. It’s not that powerful as an bought one but costs less. 🙂

I made it only of scrap woods that I got from a friend after his apartment cleanup. It’s again spruce wood (glued laminated timber). The sidewalls are fixed with 4 Torx Screws trough 4 pocket hohles and a bit of PVA glue to the base plate.

For the air flow I used four 120mm AC FANs of SUNON that I connected to a switch and a cold-device built-in plug. Although this is a protection class II device with double or reinforced insulation but I connected the FANs to the PE wire anyway. The FANs I had bound together with 2mm thick small metal plates and M4x60mm V2A cylinder head screws so they build one unit. After that I mounted the FANs with 5x5mm thick wood slats to the body and sealed all gaps with silicone so the FANs can’t suck false air.

As air filter I used M5 air filter mats of Fischer Luftfilter they are usually used in Schwörerhaus Ventilations. I had to cut it in shape so it can fit in. For the closing I used a simple stainless steel wire mesh and some screws. The air outtake mesh is fixed with some cramps.

Here the photos:

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