10. Project: Crisp bread box for my Mom

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Because my mother likes to eat crisp bread and used a ugly crisp bread box of plastic so far, she wished a self made crisp box by me.

For the inner part I took the dimensions of the ugly box. As material I used spruce plywood, that I never use again. Very brittle and to many knot holes! This was my first time to work with spit coat to fill the knot holes. Because I placed them inside the experiment isn’t visible at first glance. 😀

Basically a wanted to tenon joint the slats but after I had see that the plywood is very brittle I quit it. Additionally I don’t have any tool to mill proper tenon joints. For the base plate I firstly thought if I mount it inside the body or put the body on top. In the end I put it on top. After I primed all and glazed it in creme white color. As knob I used a left-over knob made from ceramic, that I also used on the kitchen doors and drawers. The inner of the box I coated with linseed oil because the crisp bread have not to be got in contact with any chemicals.

At the end my mother decorated the box with napkin decoupage again.

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