Technical Project: Isolating Transformer

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Theo (a friend) was cleaning out his apartment in 2021 because he was about to move to a new city. In the process, he dug out an old SIEMENS transformer from his student days, which he got as a gift from SIEMENS. Here is a photo of it:

I learned to be an industrial electrician for devices and systems but worked after every time as IT Service Technician or in the IT Support. So I’ve been out of business for a long time because I ended my apprenticeship in 2013. That’s why I looked for help in a German internet forum that is known for its cold and rude contact. In the end they reproached me a lack of professional expertise and I realized that the transformer is to weak for my project.

I need a Transformator with a total power of 500 VA, so with a output power of 230 V/AC that delivers max. 2 A. That’s why I decided to use a basic block transformer the BLOCK ST 500/23/23 Trafo. Why no ring transformer? Well, because I use a big chassis so I can use a big buddy. 🙂

The search for a suitable and keen chassis was kinda difficult. In the end I bought a 19″ server rack chassis at Keen and the right dimensions I need.

I protected the primary side of the transformer with a 4A and the secondary with a 2A thermal circuit breaker of E-T-A. The socket is a simple safety socket of KOPP without connected PE wire. Otherwise it would fail its job. 😉

Here the complete device:

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