Dear English speaking visitor,

welcome to my private homepage, for which almost nobody is really interested until now. I will present hier some infos about my interests, blogs, projects and so on.

The main language of my homepage is German. So after many years I decided to also publish some sections in English. Maybe there is someone out there which are interested in something and want to talk shop about it or looking for new friends with same interests.

The English version is at the moment under construction and I will publish some (maybe) useful pages from time to time. Sorry for my crappy English but I don’t talk that much in English and I’m out of practice. So I took some help by for translation on larger text or when I got a brain block. But if you found a bad wording please tell me, so I can learn of it. 🙂 I’m very good in German grammar and spelling but to translate from a very complex language to a simpler one like English, take me sometimes to my limits. 😉

Best Greetings,