Privacy Policy

Who I am

My name is Johannes Mages and I’m the owner of this homepage. Due to data privacy and self protection I don’t follow the GDPR rules and publish my personal data or address. If you have any concerns please use my contact form.

What personal data I collect and why

As per usage of my services I only collect IP-Address, internet provider, residence, name, email address, user agent and other optional details. I only collect for private analysis and don’t sell them.

Analytical Services: Matomo (ex. Piwik; self hosted)
Web Services: Blog Comments, Contact Form, Cloud Space, eMail Boxes

WordPress itself don’t collect any personal data. Only data of registered users. I don’t offer registrations on my installation. But what my used WordPress Plugins Yoast SEO and WPForms collect, I don’t have any control here. Please read the specific privacy policies.

In my blog comments sections it is possible to use avatars from a external service named Gravatar.

My server host Hetzner Online don’t collect any personal data.


For pictures and photos that are not hosted by me I don’t assume any liability or responsibility of them. I will immediately remove images that violate applicable law from my server.


I only set visitor identification cookies for my analytics and saving form data in them so the visitors don’t have to write in their data every visit in the comments form.

Cookies that are set by Google are responsible to them.

Embedded contents of foreign homepages

Whit embedded contents of foreign homepages it’s like you visit them. So I’m not responsible of their policies or services.

Analytical Services

To analyse my visitors I use a self hosted solution of Matomo. This software collects i.a. IP-Addresses, Host Names, User Agents (Browser Version, OS etc.), Screen Resolutions, Used Device, Operating Systems and roughly the users location.

This data is used only for private analysis and will not be sell to other persons or companies. I you still not want any analytics of you please feel free and un-check the checkbox below.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Whit who I share your data

With no one!

How long I store your data

  • Statistics: 1 year
  • Comments incl. Meta Data: Unlimited
  • Cloud Data: Unlimited (or is by the user itself)
  • Mails: Unlimited (or is by the user itself)
  • Contact Form: Doesn’t story anything

What rights you have of your data

You have the right to send me an email at any time and ask me to export or delete your personal data.

A copy like by Facebook isn’t possible. If gone it’s gone. But I do everyday a backup so your data is then only stored for 1 day longer. After the export or deletion your data is also out of the backup.

Where I send your data to

Data that I collect stay on my server. Only your IP-Address, host name and email is sent to anti-spam services like Google ReCaptcha, Spamhaus and/or Spamcop.

How I protect your data

Basically all data transfers between my server and clients are encrypted. There is min. TLSv1.2 needed. SSL completely and TLSv1.0 + TLSv1.1 are not supported anymore.

Grundsätzlich werden sämtliche Daten zwischen meinem Server und Ihrem Computer immer verschlüsselt übertragen. Hierzu ist min. TLSv1.2 notwendig. Komplett SSL sowie TLSv1.0 und TLSv1.1 werden von mir gar nicht mehr angeboten.

All data I collect are stored on a MariaDB MySQL-Server that is protected with a strong password.

In my Seafile Cloud all data are stored with a special file system slit in junks the also can be encrypted by the user itself.

What measures I offer in the event of data protection breaches

I use exclusively internal reporting systems. But it’s also possible to contact me.

What automated decision making and/or profiling I do with user data